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School News: Badin High staff adds mental health professional

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Looking after the needs of students is Job One at Badin High School, and Lauren Rosenberger will be joining the BHS staff in order to help enhance that effort.

Rosenberger, a 2005 graduate of Badin, is a mental health professional affiliated with Catalyst Counseling, which specializes in mental health services in a school setting.

“Students are under more stress and pressure than ever before,” Badin High Principal Brian Pendergest said. “The pandemic has made the demand for mental health services that much greater.

“We have had these conversations through many meetings over the past couple of years,” Pendergest added. “Adding a mental health professional is a valuable solution for us. We’re glad to welcome Lauren Rosenberger back to Badin.”

“Helping students grow in all aspects of their lives is critical,” Rosenberger said. “We want them to become their best selves. Providing them with the tools they need to move forward is what we’re able to do.”

Rosenberger is well qualified after more than a decade in the profession. She has undergraduate and master’s degrees in Social Work from the University of Cincinnati, and also earned a master’s of business administration from Indiana Wesleyan.

“I had a great experience at Badin High School and look forward to helping others have a similarly memorable experience,” Rosenberger said.

Three other new staff members will join the Badin ranks for the 2021-22 school year:
• Megan Nichting comes aboard as an administrative assistant in the front office. She joins Badin after a number of years as a legal secretary.
• Jackie Noelker will be a part of Badin’s Academic Support Program as an intervention specialist. Noelker is a 2016 graduate of Badin who joins the staff after spending a year in that role at Mercy McAuley High. As a graduating senior at Badin, Noelker earned the school’s Archbishop Leibold Award for service to the school and community.
• Joel Smith is the school’s new STEM teacher, handling Engineering and Physics classes. Smith has previously taught at LaSalle and Deer Park high schools.

“A high school is a dynamic and fluid operation,” Pendergest said. “Each year, you lose talented people, and you replace them with talented people. We look forward to another outstanding year in education and faith formation at Badin High School.”

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