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St. Brigid Xenia

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Visiting priests celebrated Masses for Irish immigrants on the porch of Jacob Klein’s home in Xenia.

Parish created and named for St. Michael the Archangel. Its first pastor was Father James Kearney.

Irish priest Father Thomas Blake appointed as first resident pastor. He began construction of a church at 2nd and West Streets and renamed the parish for St. Brigid.

Archbishop John Purcell dedicated the church.

First St. Brigid School built.

Father Blake buried in church basement.

Second, larger school built.

Campaign begun to raise $225,000 for a modern school building on Fairground Road

The 122-year-old church building leveled—along with the rectory, school and Sisters of Charity convent—by the biggest tornado of the 1974 Super Outbreak. Parishioner Fred Norckauer saved a bell that was later hung in the new church

Archbishop Joseph Bernadin dedicated the new, modern style, brick church built on Fairground Road.

As the parish celebrates its 175th anniversary year, St. Brigid has expanded its school, built a Parish Center and serves 1,200 families. It is part of the St. Michael Family of Parishes.

“It’s such an incredible blessing to have the Seton Route of the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage come through St. Brigid in our 175th anniversary. The parish exists so that Jesus in the Eucharist can bless souls, and so it is a beautiful sign of his grace and goodness to host the pilgrimage and commemorate how much He has loved us for so many years.” – Father Ambrose Dobrozsi

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