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by John Stegeman When in a cemetery, people speak in hushed tones and maintain a certain decorum. It’s almost as if it is hardwired into humans to respect the final resting places of our fellow men and women. While all burial places deserve that level of respect, Catholic cemeteries have

St. Augustine’s Parish Cemetery is an essay in local history written in marble and granite. The monuments, headstones and small chapel hint at the lives and experiences of those who rest there. The cemetery’s land, set aside in 1836 on the south side of Minster, is one of the oldest

Death is a part of life. It may be paradoxical to say but is undeniably true. We cannot escape the reality that we will all face death – both ourselves and those we love. Yet we live much of our lives ignoring this basic fact. We distract ourselves away from

I have heard that Pentecost is the Church’s birthday, but I have also heard that Good Friday is when the Church was born. Which is correct? The Church is the family of God; she is the body of Christ. Because the Church is truly a body, she has a birthday,

“To die would be a great adventure.” – Peter Pan The 1991 film Hook, though met with little critical acclaim, remains a classic for many Millennials. Directed by the legendary Steven Spielberg and featuring music composed by the great John Williams, the film stars cinema giants Dustin Hoffman, Julia Roberts

When public liturgies were first suspended due to COVID-19, one of the topics of conversation among family members was about the dispensation from the obligation to participate in Sunday Mass. Do we go to Mass because we are obligated to do so, or is there something else that drives our

On Apr. 9, 1945, German Lutheran theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer was executed by hanging at the Flossenbürg, Germany concentration camp two weeks before American troops liberated the prison. A mere 39-years-old, Bonhoeffer was arrested because he associated with parties who conspired to assassinate Hitler in July 1944. While he was active

Alleluia! He is risen! The word “Alleluia” is Hebrew for “Praise the Lord.” It is a particularly appropriate exclamation during the Easter season as we celebrate Christ’s triumph over sin and death. For many of us, the continuing restrictions designed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 have made the last

Fundamental Rights We pray for those who risk their lives while fighting for fundamental rights under dictatorships, authoritarian regimes and even in democracies in crisis.

¡Aleluya! ¡Ha resucitado! La palabra “Aleluya” es hebrea para “Alabado sea el Señor”. Es una exclamación particularmente apropiada durante la Pascua, ya que celebramos el triunfo de Cristo sobre el pecado y la muerte. Para muchos de nosotros, las continuas restricciones diseñadas para mitigar la propagación del COVID-19 han hecho