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What Inspires You?

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Whether we like it or not, media has infused itself into almost every aspect of our lives. We watch local television news and streaming services, listen to the radio as we drive and scroll through social media feeds at our leisure – it is our constant companion.

But we can choose what we consume, more so now than ever before. Search through Netflix movies or Apple podcasts and it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the offerings. Why do we seek it? Are we looking for entertainment? Information? Inspiration? A break from reality? A connection to some greater truth?

Catholic media outlets began over 200 years ago. The Catholic Telegraph’s 191 years of existence, its continued growth and its expansion into new media environments testify to a desire for Truth.

These thoughts flitted through my mind as I listened to the Epiphany Mass homily, which, while not specifically about the media, helped solidify why Catholic media is still needed.

Father Sunberg said, “Are we paying attention to the signs of the time that we’re living in? Are we observant to what’s going on around us in the world and in the Church? And if we’re paying attention, is what we’re seeing and what we’re hearing – is it leading us closer to Christ or further away from Him? Does it meet up to what He left us in the scriptures and the teachings of the Church? Or is it deceiving us to believe or follow something else counterfeit?”

This crystallized Catholic media’s essentiality – in all its forms. Through each venue, Catholic media provides a view of the world around us through the eyes of Christ, through the lens of Truth. These outlets challenge us, and may even make us uncomfortable when our secular beliefs clash with the teachings of Christ and those of His Church.

And while that collision of beliefs may be uncomfortable, it means Catholic media is doing its job! Their offerings, presented with authenticity and charity, should help us grow in our faith, broaden our faith perspective and welcome Christ’s teachings into our hearts.

The popularity of Catholic media heavy hitters, like Bishop Barron’s Word on Fire and Father Mike Schmitz’s Bible in a Year podcast, reveal that Catholics are looking to media when seeking to grow their faith – and what’s easier than the resources readily available in those devices kept a hand’s reach away?

There are so many media options at our fingertips! While many are not necessarily bad, Catholic media offers something the others don’t: a means to view the entire world we live in with an eye to the world to come.

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