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Did you know Our Lady of Fatima at Indian Lake

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Medallion of the Trinity, by Blanck Studio of Art, above the sanctuary in the nave.

  • Mural by Blanck Studio of Art, featuring two angels and waters symbolizing the Sacraments
  • Wooden triptychs in the style of Fra Angelico painted by Carl Fuchs, a liturgical artist, for Peter and Paul Church (Norwood), donated in 1996.

“The mural shows streams of water coming from the cross and branching into seven streams, one for each sacrament. Sheep are depicted drinking from the streams of life. This shows the grace of the sacraments flowing from the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and that people at Mass are able to drink from those streams of life. I think that’s a beautiful truth to meditate on during the sacrifice of the Mass.”- Father Shawn Landenwitch, pastor

“Russells Point is the only sister city in the United States with Fatima, Portugal. Our parish has a special devotion to Our Lady of Fatima, in part because of the Shrine about a mile away. We’ve had a Eucharistic Procession to the Shrine and Family Fun Day there each fall since 2017, for the 100th anniversary of the Fatima apparition.”- Father Shawn Landenwitch, pastor

The marsh area of Lewistown Reservoir at Old Indian Lake was created for the Miami-Erie Canal, transforming the area into a booming summer resort and amusement destination.

Father William Welch, pastor of St. Patrick in Bellefontaine, began celebrating Masses at Orchard Lake for vacationers and summer residents.

St. Mary of the Lake Chapel constructed on donated land. Assistant pastors at St. Patrick served as “Resident Summer Pastors.”

Father Anthony Wolf became the first full-time resident pastor.

Side wings added.

Arson destroys much of the main church. Masses celebrated at San Juan Amusement Park.

Rebuilt church dedicated as “St. Mary Immaculate,” but the faithful continued to call it by its original name.

Major church addition completed and new altar dedicated.

A day after establishing a sister city relationship with Russells Point, OH, the Mayor of Fatima, Portugal, attended the annual outdoor Mass at Our Lady of Fatima Shrine, one mile from
St. Mary Immaculate’s church.

Major church restoration included a repainted interior and new wooden sanctuary floor, frame, crucifix, and mural.

This article appeared in the July 2022 edition of The Catholic Telegraph Magazine. For your complimentary subscription, click here.

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