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Job Opening: Assistant to the Director of Development

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Position Summary:

Assists Development Directors on a daily basis and performs administrative tasks as needed.

  • Assists with events as requested. ● Participates in the planning of the overall Development program. ● Works collaboratively, in a team style, to maximize the particular strengths of each member of the Development Office staff.


Administrative Tasks:

  1. Respond to email communication as requested.
  2. Assist with Development Advisory Board meetings and communication.
  3. Assist with travel arrangements and create itineraries for Development Directors.
  4. Maintain files as needed.
  5. Make on-line purchases as requested.
  6. Order supplies as needed.
  7. Scan and print as requested.
  8. Prepare conference rooms for meetings as requested.
  9. Provide arrangements for office meetings.
  10. Produce minutes from staff, board and committee meetings.
  11. Update documents as needed.
  12. Prepare and send holiday cards as needed (in particular Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas)
  13. Manage gift giving especially at Christmas time.
  14. Reconcile credit card billing for the office.
  15. Assist with expense accounts as needed.


  1. Participate in donor events as needed.
  2. Assist with event preparation and data entry as needed.
  3. Acquire and deliver staff birthday cards and gifts.
  4. Proof reading office materials
  5. Proof read Reflection

Accountable to:  Director of Development

(20–25 hours a week position)

Please send cover letter and resume to Kevin Manley at [email protected]

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