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September 2021

by Mark Danis True holiness requires the courage and humility to allow Christ to continue to live His earthly life through us, to utilize our human talents and passions in the service of God’s Kingdom. Dick Steineman never imagined his passion and talent for basketball would carry him around the

We all know someone who inspires the faith of others. In the northern archdiocese, lovingly called “God’s Country” due to its large Catholic population and abundant churches, individuals who exuberantly radiate Christ are visible in nearly every community. Nestled among extraordinary wave makers, are individuals softly shining Christ’s love and

On July 3, 2017, my uncle Mark died suddenly and tragically. It was not a beautiful and gentle end to a long life. It was unexpected and painful. I’ll never forget getting the call that night from the police, informing me he had died. I’ll never forget driving my devastated

Arguably the most important official document to proceed from the Second Vatican Council was the “Dogmatic Constitution on the Church,” written “to unfold more fully” the “inner nature and universal mission” of the Church. (LG 1.) The document is better known by its Latin title, “Lumen Gentium,” taken from its

Throughout this bicentennial year of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, I have urged members of our local Church to radiate Christ. Far more than just a slogan, this is a call to conversion and action. Articles in this issue of The Catholic Telegraph profile individuals who have answered that call in

A lo largo de este año del bicentenario de la Arquidiócesis de Cincinnati, he instado a los miembros de nuestra Iglesia local a irradiar a Cristo. Mucho más que un eslogan, este es un llamado a la conversión y a la acción. Los artículos en este número de The Catholic

Last month, I reflected on the Church as the Family of God. We need to think not only of parishes as families, but of multiple parishes as extended families or “Families of Parishes,” as we move from maintenance to mission. Beacons of Light is a means for channeling our resources

The alarm I rarely hear went off. My husband Andrew and I agreed to rise early to “parallel pray” before the day got going. I felt his nudge, “Time to wake up.” In mornings prior, I intended to wake up early to pray, but ultimately discerned that Jesus must want

by John Stegeman If you have ever seen men and women dressed in white and black cloaks with a red Jerusalem cross at Mass, you’ve encountered the knights and dames of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem (EOHSJ). EOHSJ is an ancient lay institution under the protection

1910 Parish established. 1910 Original church building constructed. (It was demolished in the summer of 2021). 1914 School opened for grades 1-4; followed by grades, 5-6 the following year and grades 7-8 in 1918. 1930 Church building completed. 1954 Mural in apse painted. 1955 Wooden baldacchino installed over altar. Sisters