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Throwback Thursday: Brother Casey Cole visits St. Monica-St. George

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Last year, then Brother Casey Cole made a stop in Cincinnati on his Mission Tour. He spoke at a two-night mission at the Clifton church. A highlight from that misson:

Brother Casey wrapped up his mission talk by comparing this to the whole process of aging: No matter how hard you work, you will experience loss. Embracing weakness isn’t what we signed up for, but weakness is part of the journey. This life isn’t everything, it’s a pilgrimage and we are on a journey home. The world doesn’t need us, he said: It needs Jesus Christ, someone who is strong and merciful, and who is the way and the truth and the life. Our calling is to bring Jesus Christ into this world. For more on his visit last year, click here

On June 22, 2019, Brother Casey laid down a deacon and stood up a priest. In today’s video, a look at Father Casey’s ordination:


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