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Welcome to the new CT website

Learn more about the change and the new look

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CT Staff

Welcome to new and improved website of The Catholic Telegraph, the official news publication of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

Residing at the familiar URL of TheCatholicTelegraph.com, this new site features a design adaptive to mobile platforms, streamlined navigation, and dynamic images to better bring the news of the local church, and the church in the world, to readers in the archdiocese.

In a world where media consumption is increasingly done on mobile platforms, the old design was no longer able to serve a growing online reader base.

“This improved website allows us to better serve the faithful in several ways,” said Steve Trosley, editor and general manager of The Catholic Telegraph. “It will feature increased visibility of catechetical content and local news with easy navigation. The site also has more national and international updates than ever before. It provides all that with a look that is lively, engaging and new while cognizant of our publication’s long history.”

That history is evident in another innovation. The revamped website incorporates a new logo and color scheme. At the heart of the new logo is a cross that protrudes from the center of a shield. Both cross and shield are taken stylistically from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati crest and symbolize Christ being the center of the publication’s mission as well as its ties as official newspaper of the archdiocese. The publication’s initials, “CT” and the year of its founding, 1831, appear below. The old logo’s color scheme featuring a dark burgundy, has been replaced with a more vibrant and engaging blue and gold.

For now, the new logo and color scheme are just for the website but future changes are planned for the monthly print edition.

Updated multiple times a day, TheCatholicTelegraph.com is visited by nearly 30,000 readers per month and serves the Catholic community of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati with breaking news and in-depth analysis of major events.

The improved website was designed by Cincinnati-based U.S. Digital Partners.

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