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Jubilarians Part 1 (2014)

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Editor’s note: The staff of The Catholic Telegraph wishes to express our gratitude to the following women and men religious celebrating jubilees in 2014 for their steadfast faith and dedicated service to the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. These bios., along with photos, were published in the November 2014 print edition of The Catholic Telegraph. Additional photos and bios will be published in the December print edition.

Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati 

80 Years

Sister Eileen Therese Breslin

Sister Eileen Therese devoted her ministry to education, teaching at the following archdiocese schools: Resurrection, Cincinnati (1937-39); Holy Angels, Sidney (1939-41, 1969-70); Holy Family, Cincinnati (1941-43); St. Gabriel, Glendale (1946-48); Annunciation, Cincinnati (1954-57); St. William, Cincinnati (1957-59, 1963-65). Sister ministered as transportation coordinator for the Sisters of Charity Motherhouse in Delhi Township from 1980 to 1983. Sister Eileen retired from active ministry in 1983 and currently serves in the ministry of prayer.


75 Years

Sister Loretto Burke

Sister Loretto began her ministry in education as a music teacher at St. Lawrence in Cincinnati from 1942 until 1952. Sister spent 26 years ministering at the College of Mount St. Joseph. During that time she taught music, chaired the music department, was assistant to the dean, and was director of institutional research. She retired from the college in 1997 to have more time for composing and prayer. Sister Loretto currently serves the ministry of prayer.


Sister Mary Helen McKenna

Sister Mary Helen devoted her ministry to education, teaching in the archdiocese
at  St. Mary, Cincinnati (1943-46); St. William, Cincinnati (1979-85); and St. Boniface, Cincinnati (1985-87). It was in 1995 that Sister began to help with Presentation Ministries. She is currently retired and serving the ministry of prayer.



70 Years:

Sister Florence Cremering

Cincinnati native Sister Florence was missioned to teach high school business classes at several different schools across the country, including Holy Family, Cincinnati (1947-54). In 1988, Sister opted for the foreign missions, serving in Puno, Peru. She currently serves the ministry of prayer.


Sister Irene Hrosky

Forty of Sister Irene’s years in religious life were devoted to education, serving as teacher and principal at schools in the Diocese of Cleveland. The former Vincentian Sister of Charity currently lives at the Mount St. Joseph motherhouse, and serves the ministry of prayer.


Sister Ann Martin Klee

Sister Ann Martin spent almost 20 years ministering in elementary education, teaching at schools in Colorado, New Mexico and Cleveland, Ohio. In 1972, she received an associate’s degree in nursing and spent the next 15 years ministering at hospitals and nursing homes in the Denver, Colo. area. Sister currently serves the ministry of prayer.


Sister Betty Jane Lillie

Cincinnati native, Sister Betty Jane taught students at the intermediate, junior high and high school levels at the following schools in Cincinnati: St. Patrick (1947-50), St. Boniface (1950-54), St. Joseph Orphanage (1956-57), Cure of Ars (1960-65), Seton High School (1968-73), and Regina High School (1973-75). Sister has ministered at the Athenaeum of Ohio/ Mount St. Mary’s Seminary of the West since 1982 and continues to teach biblical studies in both the Seminary Division and the Lay Pastoral Ministry Graduate Division.


Sister Rosina Panning

A native of Cincinnati, Sister Rosina ministered 42 years in education, serving
in Colorado, Michigan and several schools in the archdiocese, including Corpus Christi (Dayton), principal (1970-73); St. Mary, Hyde Park (Cincinnati), language arts teacher (1973-76); St. Bernadette (Amelia), principal (1976-82); and Gressle School (Norwood), teacher (1982-88). Sister Rosina currently serves the ministry of prayer.


Sister Rosemary Robers

Of her 38 years serving in the archdiocese, Cincinnati native Sister Rosemary (formerly Rita Miriam) spent 29 years in her hometown at the following locations: St. Dominic (1948-52, 1988-’93); Holy Family (1952-54, 1983-88); St. Albert, Kettering (1960-64); St. Charles, Kettering (1964-69) and St. Mary, Hyde Park (1971-83). From 1993 to 1997, Sister taught computer classes at St. Lawrence School in Price Hill. Sister Rosemary now resides at Mother Margaret Hall.


Sister Grace Schwietering

Sister Grace grew up in Mount Adams and spent most of her ministry in education as teacher and principal in Detroit, Mich. In the archdiocese, she taught junior high at St. William, Cincinnati, from 1957 to 1959. Sister is currently retired.


Sister Rose Therese Wich

Sister Rose Therese served in education as teacher and principal for more than 58 years mostly in Colorado and New Mexico. Sister served the archdiocese teaching junior high students at St. Joseph, Springfield (1955-56), and teaching English at Catholic Central High School, Springfield (1966-67). Following her retirement in 2005, Sister began volunteering at Catholic Charities. Sister currently lives at the Mount St. Joseph motherhouse and also volunteers there.


65 Years

Sister Joan Cain

Sister Joan spent the first 18 years of her ministry as an educator, including two years in the archdiocese at St. William, Cincinnati (1959-61). In 1970, she changed the focus of her ministry to parish work, ministering in the West. Since retiring in 2010, Sister Joan has been a volunteer driver for the American Cancer Society and a eucharistic ,inister at St. Mary-Corwin Hospital in Pueblo, Colo.


Sister Jean Ann Glutz

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Sister Jean Ann ministered as an intermediate teacher for almost 40 years. She served the archdiocese in the following schools: St. John the Baptist, Harrison (1959-60); Cure of Ars, Cincinnati (1960-66); St. Elizabeth, Norwood (1966-68); St. Dominic, Cincinnati (1968-75); and St. Lawrence, Cincinnati (1975-89). In 1993 she began volunteering as sacristan, lector and eucharistic minister for the nursing unit at Bayley in Delhi Township. Sister also assisted in Bayley’s business office. She currently volunteers at the motherhouse front desk.


Sister Marian Hart

Sister Marian began her years of ministry as head nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital in Dayton (1950-51), and was later assigned as a nursing supervisor and as an instructor at the hospital’s School of Nursing. She continued her supervisor role at St. Joseph Hospital in Detroit (1973-84) before spending the next decade as an assistant professor of nursing at the University of Detroit. In 1996, Sister Marian developed a volunteer nursing program at St. Martin of Tours Parish in Cincinnati. There she was the health counselor, education referral source and volunteer coordinator at the parish until retirement in July 2008.


Sister Mary Germaine Maximovich

Sister Mary Germaine Maximovich, a former Vincentian Sister of Charity of Bedford, Ohio, spent 28 years teaching primary and intermediate grades at schools in the dioceses of Youngstown, and Cleveland. In the early 1980s, Sister transitioned into clerical and social work at Lumen Cordium High School in Bedford and then at Villa Sancta Anna Home for the Aged in Beachwood, Ohio. Sister is currently retired.


Sister Joseph Ellen Noppenberger

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Sister Joseph Ellen (former Sister Ruth Ann) attended St. Mark School. Sister ministered as an intermediate teacher, including the archdiocesan schools of St. Bernard, Springfield (1956-57) and St. Mary School, Hyde Park, Cincinnati (1972-93). She is currently involved in the ministry of prayer.


Sister Lucia Anne Roney

Sister Lucia Anne ministered as the elementary religious education consultant for the Diocese of Lansing, Mich. before beginning her pastoral ministry journey in Owosso, Mich. (1973-77) and then Houston, Texas (1980-81). In 1983, after a 34-year absence, Sister Lucia Anne returned to her hometown of Albuquerque to minister for the next 13 years to the senior population at Annunciation Parish. Sister is currently serving in ministry of prayer.


Sister Patrice Vales

Sister Patrice spent her first 35 years as a Sister of Charity teaching primary students, more than one decade was spent at St. Albert, Kettering (1971-86). Sister continued at St. Albert as pastoral minister from 1986 until 2005. She spent those 19 years visiting the sick, teaching RCIA classes, offering bereavement support and coordinating communion to the homebound. Sister is currently retired and volunteers at the Mount St. Joseph motherhouse.


60 Years

Sister Carol Ann Brockmeyer

During her 30-year ministry in education, Sister Carol Ann Brockmeyer taught at St. Lawrence, Cincinnati (1969-74) and also ministered as principal at the school (1974-‘77), as well as Our Mother of Sorrows, Cincinnati (1978-83). In 1989, Sister Carol Ann founded Vine Street Neighborhood Service Center to serve the poor. She continues in the ministry today.


Sister Donna Collins

Born and raised in Dayton, Sister Donna taught at several schools in the archdiocese including Cure of Ars, Cincinnati (1958-60); St. Dominic, Cincinnati (1958-60); St. Albert, Kettering (1966-68); and St. Teresa, Springfield (1969-81). In 1985, she began teaching sixth grade math at St. Charles in Kettering. She taught at the school for 25 years, retiring in 2006. Sister is currently living in Dayton and volunteering at Dayton Children’s Hospital in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit and at the Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation.


Sister Shirley Dix

During her 60 years, Sister Shirley (the former Sister Teresita Marie) served in parochial schools, as well as in the public schools in Ohio, Michigan and Alabama. In the archdiocese, she served as a primary teacher at Holy Family, Cincinnati (1956-58, 1965-67), St. Joseph, Springfield (1967-68), St. John the Baptist, Harrison (1968-69); as principal, St. Joseph, Springfield (1969-70); and as guidance counselor at St. Charles, Kettering, (1984-’87) and CO Harrison, Cincinnati (1990-2005). Sister is now retired and still very active working for women, the poor and the environment.


Sister Mary Ann Flannery

Sister Mary Ann (the former Sister Mary Regis) has ministered all 60 years of religious life in the Cleveland Diocese. The former Vincentian Sister of Charity has been an educator at the elementary, secondary and college levels. Sister recently retired as executive director of the Jesuit Retreat House in Cleveland, where she ministered from 2008 to 2014 as the first woman director. She plans to continue to give retreats and engage in freelance writing.


Sister John Michael Geis

In 1969, Sister John Michael, a Cincinnati native, was assigned to St. Rita School for the Deaf in Evendale for one year. One year turned into a 38-year ministry for Sister who served as an intermediate/junior high teacher from 1968 until 1994, and as the dean of discipline from 1994 until 2005. Sister is currently retired and continues to volunteer at St. Rita.

Sister Rosemarie Gerrety

Cincinnati native Sister Rosemarie taught in the archdiocese at Elizabeth Seton, Milford, (1972-81) and St. Dominic, Cincinnati (1981-83). In 1985, Sister began a new career in pastoral ministry, serving at St. Brigid Parish in Xenia. Sister Rosemarie is currently retired and living in the motherhouse where she helps in the Arts and Crafts Shop.


Sister Katrinka Gunn

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Sister Katrinka began her years in ministry in education. She served as principal at St. Anthony Elementary School in Cincinnati from 1966 until 1969. Sister’s last ministry before retirement was at Mother Margaret Hall nursing facility as assistant coordinator of residents. Sister Katrinka retired in 2002 and currently serves as vigil minister in Mother Margaret Hall.


Sister Judith Gutzwiller

Sister Judith, a Cincinnati native, dedicated her ministry to education, serving in Ohio. Sister was the elementary principal at Corpus Christi in Dayton, from 1973 until 1993, before serving eight years as the secretary of the Catholic School Office there. She is currently retired and living in Dayton, volunteering where her services are needed.


Sister Jeanine Marie Holthouse

Throughout her 60 years, Sister Jeanine Marie has served at schools in Ohio, Michigan, Colorado and Illinois. She taught math at St. Brigid, Xenia (1956-58), and in 1982, she began ministering at Seton High School, where she served as teacher from 1982-83 and assistant principal of academics from 1983-85. In 1985, Sister Jeanine Marie returned to teaching math at the school, where she was also the chairperson of the mathematics department. She is retired from full-time ministry but continues to volunteer at the school.


Sister Catherine Kirby

Sister Catherine Kirby served as teacher at St. Dominic, Cincinnati (1962-67), assistant professor of education at the College of Mount St. Joseph, Delhi Township (1985-91), and principal at St. Lawrence, Cincinnati (1991-92). From 1997 to 2004, Sister Catherine was an assistant superintendent for the archdiocesan Catholic Schools Office, responsible for 22 high schools. Most recently, Sister served on the advisory committee to establish DePaul Cristo Rey High School, the archdiocese’s newest high school. She is now retired.


Sister Marie Virginia Lovato

Sister Marie Virginia has spent her 60 years of religious life ministering in Colorado, New Mexico, and Lima, Peru. She began teaching second graders and eventually transitioned into administration. She also served in parish and retreat work. Although retired, Sister volunteers in the Pastoral Care Department at St. Anthony North Hospital in Westminster, Colo.


Sister Elizabeth Jane Mann

A Cincinnati native, Sister Elizabeth Jane ministered 31 years teaching first graders, including the following archdiocese schools: Corpus Christi, Dayton (1956-58); St. Teresa, Springfield (1958-64); and St. Dominic, Cincinnati (1980-87). She then became coordinator at St. Joseph Center retirement home in Cincinnati, where she served for 16 years. She retired in July 2003 and continues to volunteer where needed.


Sister Rose Martin Morand

Sister Rose Martin, a native of Cincinnati, ministered as a teacher at Holy Family, Cincinnati (1963-67) and as principal at St. Boniface, Cincinnati (1968-70). From 1972 until 1975, Sister Rose Martin served at St. Joseph Orphanage, Cincinnati, as a social worker, and then served as administrator/director of St. Joseph Home (1979-86). Sister is currently retired and living in Centerville, where she volunteers at Miami Valley Hospital and the Montgomery County Jail.


Sister Kathleen Ann Murray

Sister Kathleen Ann taught at St. Albert in Kettering, Ohio (1956-61); and St. William, Cincinnati (1961-67; 1971-76). Sister arrived at Holy Family in Cincinnati in 1991 to serve as elementary principal, retiring in 1998. She continued to serve in the schools as secretary at Resurrection School (Cincinnati) from 1998 until 2004. Sister Kathleen Ann served in hospitality at the SC motherhouse from 2004 to 2013. She has since retired and volunteers at the motherhouse front desk.


Sister Stephen Ann O’Malley

Sister Stephen Ann ministered as a nurse at hospitals in Ohio, Michigan, Colorado and Illinois, including Good Samaritan Hospital, Cincinnati, from 1956-58. Sister is currently retired, residing in Mother Margaret Hall and serving the ministry of prayer.


Sister Jean Welling 

Sister Jean Welling, who was raised in Cincinnati, began her ministry years in education, teaching at St. Raphael, Springfield (1956-58); St. Saviour, Cincinnati (1958-62); and Springer Institute, Cincinnati (1962-66). Sister Jean is currently retired and serves as a volunteer in pastoral ministry to the sick in hospitals and homebound as well as helping bereaved families


50 Years

Sister Dorothy Ann Blatnica

The former Vincentian Sister of Charity devoted her years of ministry to education, teaching at the elementary and secondary levels. In 1983 Sister transitioned to college professor, serving at Ursuline College in Pepper Pike, Ohio, until 2011. She was also department chair in the college’s Religious Studies Department.


Sister Winnie Brubach

Cincinnati native Sister Winnie Brubach served as a primary teacher at schools in Ohio and Maryland before heading west in 1972 to minister as youth coordinator. In 1989, she returned to Cincinnati and began ministering in both the Resource Center and Communications Office at the Mount St. Joseph motherhouse. Since 1995, Sister Winnie has ministered at EarthConnection in Delhi Township. She is currently the facilities coordinator.

Sister Patricia Malarkey

Sister Pat, a native of Milford, spent 20 years ministering as a teacher in Ohio at St. Lawrence, Cincinnati (1968-69); St. Saviour, Cincinnati (1969-70); St. William, Cincinnati (1970-75); St. Brigid, Xenia (1975-81); St. Boniface, Cincinnati (1981-84); and St. Mary, Greenville (1984-88). From 1996 to 2005. she ministered in the Ministry Office of her community. In 2008, Sister joined the Pastoral Care Team at Bayley in Delhi Township, a ministry she continues today.


Sister Marie Tessmer

A former educator and religious education consultant (Columbus, Ohio) Sister Marie Tessmer served as the director of development for St. Joseph Home in Sharonville, (1992 until 1998). In 2004, Sister became the director of Sister Services at Villa San Bernardo in Bedford, Ohio, the former congregational home of the Vincentian Sisters of Charity, following the community’s merger with the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati. Sister is retired and currently volunteers at Marymount Hospital in Garfield Heights and with Hospice of the Western Reserve in the Navigator Program.


Sister Marianne Van Vurst

Sister Marianne began her years in ministry teaching at St. Anthony in Cincinnati and then Springer Institute. Sister spent 16 years as master teacher, liaison educator, principal and executive director at Springer. In 2011, Sister Marianne retired after 25 years as president and CEO of St. Joseph Home of Cincinnati. During that time she led the Home through the most significant changes and advancements in its history. Presently, Sister Marianne is a member of several boards around the Cincinnati/Dayton area.


Sisters of Mercy 


75 Years

Sister Mary Berding

Sister Mary was a primary-grade teacher in Cincinnati for 31 years and taught at Edgecliff College from 1964-74. She served in sponsorship at Mercy Memorial Hospital in Urbana, and for more than two decades, was an archivist for the Sisters of Mercy.

Sister Alice Marie Soete

Sister Alice Marie was a teacher in Cincinnati and Nashville for 25 years. In 1976, she co-founded the House of Mercy Environment (HOME) Program in Cincinnati, which provides financial and social support to low-income elderly and disabled adults. She ministered there for 32 years. In 2000, Sister Alice Marie was among 11 women named “Woman of the Year” by The Cincinnati Enquirer. In addition, she served as director of McAuley Convent and worked in data processing.


70 Years 

Sister Ann Dalton

An educator for more than 68 years, Sister Ann’s ministry spanned 10 schools, plus a GED program. She taught in elementary schools in the Diocese of Toledo for 18 years, served as a principal for 17, and as a member of the diocesan parish council. In addition, she taught in schools in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati for 13 years and was a principal for two years in Jamaica, W.S.A native of Fremont, Sister Ann entered the Sisters of Mercy in Cincinnati in 1944.


Sister Carol Mertens

Born in Cincinnati, Sister Carol entered the Sisters of Mercy in her hometown in 1944. She taught school in the primary grades in Cincinnati and Cleveland for 33 years. In addition, she served as bookkeeper at McAuley Convent, where she now lives.


60 Years 

Sister Marilyn Gottemoeller

Sister Marilyn met the Sisters of Mercy when she was a seventh-grader in Cleveland and fell in love with their spirit. Her ministries have included 16 years as an educator in the Diocese of Toledo, 12 years on the leadership team of the former Cincinnati Regional Community of the Sisters of Mercy, and 19 years as a pastoral associate and leader in Toledo parishes. An advocate for social justice, Sister Marilyn was a board member of the Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center in Cincinnati for eight years. In addition, she spent several years working with Mercy associates. Currently, Sister Marilyn is mission formation coordinator in the Mercy Ministry Office in St. Louis.


Sister Patricia Ann Reeb

When Sister Pat began work as a nurse at the new Mercy Hospital in her hometown of Springfield in 1952, she met the Sisters of Mercy and entered the community two years later. She continued her ministry of nursing, serving as a supervisor for many years. Upon completing her master’s degree in nursing, Sister Pat joined the faculty of the College of Nursing of the University of Cincinnati. She then chaired the Department of Nursing at Mt. St. Joseph University after earning her doctorate in education. Sister Pat then changed ministry direction and began working in aging and social services with agencies such as Mercy Health System, Drake Hospital, and Prevent Blindness Ohio.


Oldenberg Franciscans


85 Years 

 Sister Angela Benedict

Sister Angela, formerly known as Sister M. Aloysia, began her teaching career in Ohio at St. Vincent de Paul, then continued at St. Bonaventure, St. Joseph, St. Leo, and St. Bernard in Cincinnati. She also taught in Indiana. She retired to Oldenburg in 1989, and currently resides in the St. Clare Health Facility.


75 Years

 Sister Wilhelmina Burkemper,

Sister Wilhelmina, née Virginia Rose, began her teaching career at St. Bonaventure in Cincinnati, and continued with assignments to Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Our Lady of Victory, and St. Joseph of Nazareth. She also taught in various parish schools in Missouri. From 1965 to 1974, she taught Cheyenne and Crow children in Montana. In 1991, she returned to the Oldenburg motherhouse to serve as congregational archivist.  Now semi-retired, she continues to serve part-time and on-call in the archives.


Sister Mary Catherine Eschenbach

Sister Mary Catherine Eschenbach, formerly known as Sister Clarence Cecile, taught at St. Ann in Hamilton. She also taught and served as principal in parish schools in Indiana, Illinois and Missouri. From 1983 to 1998, she served as teacher and seminary instructor in Papua New Guinea. In 1998, she returned to Oldenburg and shared her mission experiences with local communities. She now resides in the St. Clare Health Facility.


Sister Veronica Frederick

Sister Veronica, née Edna, a native of Hamilton, taught at St. Anthony in Dayton, at St. Bonaventure in Cincinnati, St. James in White Oak, and Sacred Heart in Fairfield. For several years she did office work and family ministry in Hamilton. She also served in Indiana and Kentucky as teacher, principal, and pastoral minister.  he retired to the motherhouse in 2002 and is a resident of St. Clare Health Facility.


 Sister Frances Jean Sandschulte 

Sister Frances Jean, née Jeannette, served as music teacher and organist in schools and parishes in Cincinnati, including St. Catharine, St. Aloysius Gonzaga, and La Salle High School.  She was music teacher and organist in Indiana and in New Mexico. When she retired to the motherhouse in 2007, she served as accompanist to the Sisters’ Choir. She now resides in St. Clare Health Facility.


Sister Mildred (Millie) Speed

Sister Millie, formerly known as Sister Charles Helene, taught at St. Pius in Cincinnati, St. Anthony in Dayton, St. James in White Oak, St. Bartholomew, St. Catherine, St. Francis Seraph in Cincinnati, and Fenwick High School in Middletown.  She also served there as principal and director of campus ministry. She taught in Indiana, with the Cheyenne and Crow communities in Montana, and with the Navajo in New Mexico until she retired to the motherhouse in 2005. She continues to support mission work as coordinator of the Little Portion Club, raising funds and awareness of need in specific areas of ministry.


Sister Virginia Ann Streit

Sister Virginia Ann, née Emma Josephine, taught for 25 years in Ohio, including: St. Bonaventure in Cincinnati, St. Anthony in Dayton, St. James in White Oak, St. Mary in Middletown, St. Aloysius in Bridgetown, and St. Bernard in Taylor Creek. She taught in parish schools in southern Indiana before returning to the Motherhouse to serve as nursing assistant in the health care facility, and then as assistant coordinator of Olivia Hall, a residence and retreat center.  She now resides in the St. Clare Health Facility.


70 Years

 Sister Angela Betsch

Sister Angela, née Dorothy, ministered in schools, in foreign missions, and at the Oldenburg motherhouse in a long career of service. In Ohio, she served as teacher and principal at St. Ann in Hamilton, St. Anthony in Dayton, St. Mary in Middletown, and St. Bernard, Taylor Creek, Cincinnati. She served at the motherhouse on the nursing staff and in the Communications Office.  From 1987 to 1990, she taught high school students in Tari, Papua New Guinea. From 1991-93, she worked as tutor at Holy Cross Mission, Catholic Charities, in Chicago. Since 2009, Sister Angela’s retirement ministry of prayer and presence keeps her active in community activities, in keeping touch with former students, and with several Oldenburg Academy students on a regular basis.


60 Years

Sister André Burkhart

Sister Andre, née Patricia, taught at St. Catharine, St. Francis Seraph, St. Joseph, and St. Pius in Cincinnati. She also served as DRE, and at St. Julie Billiart in Hamilton as pastoral associate. She taught in Indiana, and served a two-year mission experience in Kenya, East Africa, as teacher and retreat director. She served as pastoral associate among Native Americans in Arizona, and for 11, years in an African-American parish in Meridian, Miss. Sister André now resides at the motherhouse, does outreach ministry with senior citizens and directs the Adopt-a-Sis program which arranges conversation groups between Academy students and the sisters.


Sister Donna De Mange

Sister Donna, a native of Dayton, formerly known as Sister Janet, ministered as teacher at St. Joseph of Nazareth, St. Francis Seraph, and St. James in Cincinnati, at St. Peter in Chillicothe, at Sacred Heart in Fairfield, and Corpus Christi in Hamilton. She also taught at various parish schools in Indiana and Illinois. In 1981, her career turned to pastoral care, and after training, she served as chaplain and counselor at Providence/Mercy Franciscan Hospital in Cincinnati until her retirement in 2014.


 Sister Lucy Driscoll

Sister Lucy, née Ann Catherine, a native of Carthage, served as teacher at St. Peter in Chains in Hamilton, and as parish minister at Good Shepherd in Cincinnati. She taught in Indiana and Missouri, and served 25 years as teacher and pastoral minister in Michigan. She retired from full-time teaching in 2007, and currently serves as administrative assistant to Franciscan Friars of St. John the Baptist Province in Cincinnati.


Sister Mary Fliehman

Sister Mary, a native of Cincinnati, formerly known as Sister Lauren, taught at Carroll High School in Dayton, at St. Catharine, Corpus Christi, and St. Bartholomew in Cincinnati.  She also taught and was principal in schools in Indiana. From 1978 to 1988, she served as chaplain at Good Samaritan Hospital. In 1988, she returned to the motherhouse to serve as assistant treasurer, then as coordinator of pastoral Care in the health care facility. She now assists non-drivers as a chauffeur.


Sister Mary Joel Franks

Sister Mary Joel, née Marilyn, a native of Dayton, taught at Our Lady of Mercy in Dayton, at St. James in White Oak, and Sacred Heart in Fairfield.  She taught and served as principal in parish schools in Indiana. In 1981, she moved to Marian University in Indianapolis, to serve, first as assistant treasurer, then as treasurer. In 1996, she transferred from the Business Office to the library to serve as university library technician, where she continues to minister today.


Sister Tecla Jaehnen

Sister Tecla, née Rose, a native of Cincinnati, has served in a variety of roles. She taught in various parish schools in Indiana, including St. Vincent’s Home in Vincennes. In Ohio, she taught science and mathematics at Our Lady of Angels High School in Cincinnati, where she developed her interest in photography, leading to a 20-year ministry as a freelance photographer, serving at Good Shepherd Church in Cincinnati. For health reasons, she returned to Oldenburg where she continued photography for the congregation and for parish events. Now retired, she resides in St. Clare Health Facility.




Sister Amy Kistner

Sister Amy, née Virginia, a native of Cincinnati, taught at Our Lady of Mercy in Dayton, and served as associate DRE at Good Shepherd in Cincinnati.  She also taught in Indiana and served as principal and parish minister in Michigan. From 1978-84, she was director of novices at Oldenburg, and from 1994 to 2000, she served as congregational minister. Since 2001 she has been a pastoral minister in Beattyville, Ky.


Sister René Langenecker

Sister Rene, née Jo Anne, a native of Cincinnati, served as teacher at St. Aloysius in Bridgetown, St. James in White Oak, Corpus Christi in Cincinnati, and as principal at St. Clement in St. Bernard.  he also taught and served as principal in parish schools in Indiana. She moved to California in 1987 and served by turns as ESL coordinator, Hispanic ministry, as travel auditor in the L.A. archdiocese. From 1991-2013, she worked for L.A. County Social Services/Welfare. She is completing sabbatical time in Montana at Prayer Lodge before celebrating her jubilee.


Sister Joan Laughlin

Sister Joan, formerly known as Sister Naomi, taught at St. Bernard, Winton Place, St. Clare, St. Aloysius Gonzaga, and St. Pius in Cincinnati. During the 1980’s she served as director of the Lay Associates Program while continuing to teach. She also taught in parish schools in Indiana. From 1986-94, she served on the administrative council in Oldenburg. After her term in office, she volunteered to serve in Papua, New Guinea, as part of the training team for the new congregation of native women, the Franciscan Sisters of Mary.  In 2001, she returned to Oldenburg to be the co-director of the Lay Associates, a position she held until 2011. She is now retired.


 Sister Mary Walter Sokolic

Sister Mary Walter, née Mary Frances, taught at St. Anthony in Dayton, was principal and teacher at St. Aloysius-on-Ohio and Our Lady of Victory in Cincinnati. She was librarian and office assistant at Seton High School in Cincinnati, at St. Clement and Roger Bacon High School in St. Bernard.  Prior to entering religious life, she taught with the School Sisters of Notre Dame and with the Sisters of St. Francis in St. Louis. After entering the community at Oldenburg, she taught and served as principal in Indiana.  She retired to Oldenburg in 1999 and served part-time as communications person through e-mail correspondence and as switchboard operator.


 Sister Elna Stemann

Sister Elna ,née Louise Ann, is a native of Cincinnati. She has ministered in Indiana in a variety of positions: as teacher, grounds supervisor and sacristan at the motherhouse in Oldenburg, and as a teacher assistant in a pre-school setting. Since 2009, she has served as volunteer at St. Mary Medical Center in Evansville.


Sister Bernetta Stuhrenberg

Sister Bernetta née Clara Helena, taught at St. Aloysius, Delhi, and St. James, White Oak.  She did parish ministry at St. Catharine in Westwood. She also taught in various parish schools in Indiana. From 1992-99, she engaged in private home care and AfterCare with Rebold Funeral Home.  She retired to Oldenburg in 1999.


 Sister Rachel West

Sister Rachel, formerly known as Sister Audrey, taught briefly at Our Lady of the Angels in Cincinnati. She also taught in Illinois and Indiana. She completed doctoral studies in history at Indiana University. As a professor of history and political science, Sister Rachel taught at Marian University in Indianapolis 1970-83. Her interests in social justice led to an internship with NETWORK in Washington, D.C., and work as a staff member with Groundwork in Detroit for five years. From 1992 to 2000, she served as justice and peace director for the Sisters of St. Francis. She began work as archivist for Marian University in 2002, returning to Oldenburg in 2010 to serve as community archivist.


50 Years

 Sister Bridget Arnold

Sister Bridget, née Rita Ann, taught at St. Peter in Chillicothe and St. Anthony in Dayton early in her career as teacher of primary grades. Sister Bridget continued working with young children in Indiana and Missouri.  She served briefly as teacher and principal before moving to St. Joseph School, Evansville, Ind. where she has served since 1987.


Sister Alacoque Burger

Sister Alacoque née Helen Theresa, has ministered in a variety of roles, including that of pastoral minister at St. Pius Parish in Cincinnati from 1985-90. Prior to that assignment, she taught first grade in Michigan briefly before completing nurses’ training and joining the nursing staff in the health facility in Oldenburg, a position she held for 13 years. In Chicago, she worked with Catholic Charities as a counselor for recovering alcoholics and as an advocacy representative. She was elected to serve on the administrative team in Oldenburg from 2000-06. After that term, she remained in Oldenburg and now does pastoral care ministry in the St. Clare Health Facility.


Sister Julann Butz

Sister Julann, née Geraldine, is a native of Cincinnati. After completing her degree in education at Marian University (then College) in Indianapolis, she served 32 years as teacher of mathematics and computer science at Cardinal Ritter High School in Indianapolis. In 2001 she was ready for something new and accepted the position of Human Resources Coordinator for the Sisters of St. Francis in Oldenburg. She continues in this position today.


Sister Donna Graham

Sister Donna, formerly known as Sister Irene Mary, is a native of Cincinnati.  After several years of teaching in Indianapolis while completing her bachelor’s  degree in chemistry from Marian University, Sister Donna taught at Our Lady of Angels High School, and served on the Campus Ministry Team at Xavier University in Cincinnati. She earned a master’s degree in theology at Notre Dame and returned to teaching at Purcell Marian High School and Roger Bacon High School in St. Bernard. After earning a master’s degree in social work and further training in chemical dependency counseling, she moved to Reid Memorial Hospital in Richmond, Ind., and then the Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, serving as clinical chaplain and family therapist in the chemical dependency and eating disorders programs.  In 2000, she began as a staff member in the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Office with the Franciscan Friars, St. John the Baptist Province. In 2002, she was assigned as director of the JPIC Office, a position she holds currently.


Sister Miriam Kaeser

Sister Miriam, formerly known as Sister Mary Willard, is a native of Cincinnati. She taught at St. Catharine in Westwood and St. Clare in Cincinnati, where she also served as principal. After earning a doctorate in education from the University of San Diego, she served as president of Oldenburg Academy from 1987- 90. Sister Miriam then returned to Cincinnati to serve the next 20 years as assistant superintendent for curriculum development in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Catholic School Office. From 2006-12, she also held responsibility as a member of the administrative council of the Sisters of St. Francis.


Sister Noella Poinsette

Sister Noella, née Jane Marie, was music teacher at St. Catharine and Our Lady of Angels High School in Cincinnati.  he also taught in Missouri, Indiana, and South Dakota. She worked with Catholic Social Services in Kentucky as director of a refugee program. Her music ministry then focused on parish and liturgical music at Our Lady of Victory and Corpus Christi in Cincinnati, and as member of the Spiritual Life Team, Margaret Mary Hall, at Mount St. Joseph. Her next assignment will take her to Michigan to combine and practice these various talents.


Sister Margaret Rahe

Sister Margaret, known formerly as Sister Mary Richard, began her teaching career in Indiana and Illinois. In 1975, she was assigned to parish schools in Cincinnati, including Corpus Christi, and St. Bartholomew Consolidated School. After completing a program in gerontology at the then College of Mount St. Joseph College, Sister Margaret turned her attention to working with the elderly, especially with those of limited income or support. Since 2000, she has served clients at Terrace View Gardens, Community Services West, and Cincinnati Area Senior Services.


Precious Blood Sisters 


75 Years 

Sister Virginia (M. Claudine) Hebbeler

Sister Virginia was born in Cheviot and raised in Sts. Peter and Paul Parish in Norwood. She is a registered nurse. She entered the community Aug. 14, 1939.

She previously was a nurse at Lourdes Hall, Maria-Joseph Center and St. Joseph Children’s Home, all in Dayton; at San Luis Rey Academy in Oceanside, Calif. and at Kneipp Springs in Rome City, Ind. She taught elementary and junior high school in Ohio, Missouri, California, Colorado and Arizona.

She retired to Salem Heights in 1997and began an active volunteer schedule.


60 Years

Sister Mary Ellen (M. de Montfort) Andrisin

A native of Cleveland, Sister Mary Ellen entered the community Jan. 31, 1954.

She spent the first 20 years of here ministry teaching in Ohio, Missouri, Indiana and North Dakota. A four-year stint as director of religious education at St. Michael Parish in Independence, Ohio, followed. She later ministered as director of pastoral care at Maria-Joseph Center in Dayton, pastoral associate at St. Mary Parish in Wooster, Ohio, and coordinator of resident life at the community’s central house in Dayton.

In 2001, Sister Mary Ellen transitioned to a new ministry as a pilgrim guide at the Sorrowful Mother Shrine in Bellevue, Ohio. She moved to the Maria Stein Shrine of the Holy Relics in 2005 as pilgrim guide and program director until her retirement in 2011. She continues to volunteer at Maria Stein, and is a RCIA catechist at St. Augustine Parish in Minster.


Sister Maryann (M. Veronica) Bremke

A native of Celina, Sister Maryann was raised in Immaculate Conception Parish and attended the parish grade school. She graduated from Fatima Hall in Dayton and entered the Sisters of the Precious Blood Jan. 31, 1954.

Sister Maryann has ministered in education for more than 40 years. She spent her first 23 years of ministry as an elementary school teacher and principal at schools in Ohio, Indiana, Arizona and Michigan. That was followed by 20 years as assistant principal at Carroll High School in Dayton. In 1999 she was elected president of the community and served eight years.

In 2010, she co-founded the Brunner Literacy Center in Dayton to address the high rates of illiteracy in the community. She continues to minister at the center.


Sister Della Mae (Miriam Cecile) Meyer

Sister Della Mae was born in Dayton, attended Resurrection School and graduated from Fatima High School. She entered the community on Jan. 31, 1954.

For her first 11 years in ministry, Sister Della Mae taught at schools in Denver; McCartyville, Ohio; and Fort Wayne, Ind. She spent one year in the Precious Blood Cloister in New Riegel, Ohio. She then taught at Sts. Peter and Paul School in Ottawa, Ohio, for five years. She then taught at the St. Henry Catechetical Center in St. Henry for five years.

Sister Della Mae worked in parish ministry as director of religious education at Queen of Martyrs Parish in Dayton for six years and as a pastoral minister at St. Bernard Parish in Springfield for 17 years. She has been a volunteer at St. Vincent de Paul Center in Dayton for the last 11 years.


Sister Maria Luisa (M. Thecla) Miller

Sister Maria Luisa was raised on a farm outside of Cloverdale. She attended Ottoville Elementary School and graduated from Fatima Hall in Dayton. Sister Maria Luisa entered the Sisters of the Precious Blood on Jan. 31, 1954.

She was missioned to Chile in 1966 and has ministered there since. She is currently active in pastoral ministry with spiritual teams and Ignatian retreats. For nine years she worked in parish and retreat ministry at St. Vincent de Paul Parish in La Florida, Santiago. Sister Maria Luisa spent 24 years ministering at the Conference of Religious in Santiago and served in parish ministry in Cerro Navia. She’s also worked in parish ministry at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Curacavi. She previously taught fifth grade at St. Gaspar Boys School. Prior to being missioned to Chile, Sister Maria Luisa taught elementary school in Linton, N.D.; St. Joseph, Mo.; and in Ottawa, Ohio.


Sister Madonna Ratermann

Sister Madonna was born in Cincinnati and raised in St. Margaret Mary Parish in

North College Hill. She attended the parish school. She graduated from Fatima High School in Dayton and entered the community Jan. 31, 1954.

A veteran teacher, she has volunteered as a substitute teacher at St. Christopher School in Vandalia, Ohio, since 2011.She has been a teacher and/or principal at St. Margaret of York and Our Lady of Lourdes schools in Cincinnati; Assumption School in Dayton; St. Francis Xavier School, St. Joseph, Mo.; and Cure d’Ars School, Denver.

She served on the community council from 2003-11.


Sister Rose Helene Wildenhaus

Sister Rose Helene was born in Dayton and raised on the city’s east side. Since 1982, she has been active in developing affordable housing for the poor.

She first co-founded St. Leonard’s Center to provide housing for seniors with low to moderate income. In 1989, she and local businessman Dick McBride formed St. Mary’s Development to create affordable housing for those with low income. Developing over 2,400 housing units since its founding, St. Mary’s has become one of the largest non-profit developers of such housing in Ohio. Sister Rose Helene recently retired from leadership at St. Mary’s to become a volunteer for the organization.

Sister Rose Helene previously served in congregational leadership and was an elementary teacher and administrator for her first 23 years in ministry. She graduated from Fatima Hall and entered the Sisters of the Precious Blood Jan. 31, 1954.


50 Years 


Sister Rose Edna (Edna Maria) Hess

Sister Edna was born in Celina and raised in rural Carthagena. She attended Carthagena Elementary School and graduated from Fatima Hall. She entered the community in January 6, 1964.

She has ministered in Chile for most of the last 30 years, and currently accompanies 16 senior clubs at Our Lady of the Precious Blood Parish in Santiago. She is a former teacher and has served on the Sisters of the Precious Blood community council.

She began her ministry teaching elementary grades at St. Mark Parish in Cincinnati and St. Joseph Parish in Wapakoneta, Ohio, for eight years before being missioned to Chile in 1977. While in Chile, she has taught English and religion at San Gaspar School, and worked for the Conference of Religious of Chile teaching English to seminarians and later the New Testament to postulants. She has always been active in parish work in Chile at various parishes.

Sister Edna returned to Dayton to serve on the community council from 2003-11. She went back to Chile in 2012.


Sister Joyce (M. Leanne) Lehman

A native of Ottoville, Sister Joyce was raised in Immaculate Conception Parish and attended Ottoville School. She graduated from Fatima Hall and entered the Sisters of the Precious Blood Jan. 6, 1964.

Sister Joyce has been president of the Sisters of the Precious Blood since 2011. She previously worked for the Diocese of Toledo as director of pastoral planning for 10 years, and also Secretariat Leader for parish life formation for three years. She previously served on the Sisters of the Precious Blood community council for 10 years.

She worked in youth ministry at Bowling Green State University for seven years and in diocesan youth catechesis in the Toledo diocese for three years. She served in parish ministry in Mansfield, Ohio and Linton, N.D. She was a high school teacher in Strasburg, North Dakota; Sedalia, Mo.; and San Luis Rey, Calif.


Sister Joyce Ann Zimmerman

Sister Joyce Ann was born in Dayton, attended St. Joseph High School in Wapakoneta and graduated from Fatima Hall. She entered the community Jan. 6, 1964.

Sister Joyce Ann began her educational ministry in 1968 teaching high school math and chemistry at San Luis Rey Academy in Oceanside, Calif. She later taught religion at Regina High School in Norwood, St. Mary’s High School in Phoenix and San Luis Rey, Oceanside, Calif.

Following doctoral studies, Sister Joyce Ann was an assistant professor of liturgy at St. Paul University in Ottawa, Canada. She established the Institute for Liturgical Ministry in Dayton in 1990 has been engaged in liturgical education and publishing for the last 23 years.



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