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The devotion to Our Lady of the Rosary has a very dramatic origin. On October 7, 1571, a small Christian fleet of ships went out to battle the massive Muslim fleet that was dominating the Mediterranean Sea and stood poised to invade Europe. In miraculous fashion, the Christian fleet destroyed

by Katie Sciba The domestic church is a family’s experience of being Catholic at home, but setting our attention on the things beyond this world can be a challenge when our to-dos are right in front of us. To focus your heart on faith, we recommend going through your basic

As November begins, here are a few family activities for the first few weeks in November. All Saints Day Sunday November 1st:  Take a large piece of paper, or poster size paper and write a “Family Litany of Saints.” You may want to do just the immediate family or the

Staff Report First Weekend of October: Commemorate Respect Life Weekend by taking an hour with the family and praying for life, for the unborn, for the forgotten, for those on death row. As a family pray the rosary and celebrate the gift of life, the gift of family and friends.

By Greg Hartman The Catholic Telegraph School is out and summer is in full swing. Here are some fun, wholesome activities the whole family can enjoy in June. Sunday Father’s Day June 21st: Make a picture of St. Joseph, or go to a Catholic bookstore to get a medal or

Staff Report Saturday May 16th The Archdiocese of Cincinnati newly ordained Priest. Have a Holy Hour at home to pray for our newly ordained Priest: Rev. Mr. Adrian Hilton, Rev. Mr. Ethan Moore, and Rev. Mr. Eric Wood. During the Holy Hour pray for these men, as well as our

  Staff Report We’ve reached half-way in March, and here’s some family activities for the rest of March: Around March 17th March Madness Catholic Bracketology. When the teams are announced for this year’s March Madness create a Catholic Bracketology and discover the Catholic Universities and Colleges. Each member of the

Staff Report Lenten Family Reflections 3rd and 4th week of Lent: We often think about the importance of prayer in our daily lives, but at times, those prayers don’t seem to be answered. During a family discussion discern those moments where prayer wasn’t answered, whether it was someone facing illness,

Staff Report Abortion is a difficult issue to discuss with young children because it confronts a tough reality. Still, teaching children about abortion and ways to support life early are important. Here are some suggested January family activities that focus on life.